The MotoTec Fat Tire 60v 18ah 2000w Lithium Electric Scooter

Do you want to ride your electric scooter in all types of terrain – visiting places an electric scooter couldn’t normally go? If that sounds like you, then the MotoTec Fat Tire 2000w Electric Scooter is the model you’re looking for. Its fat tires make it capable of handling any terrain, and its 60-volt 18ah Lithium Battery gives it the power you need to travel up to 20 miles on a single charge.

Electric Scooters: More Than Just a Fad Electric scooters are becoming an increasingly popular choice for both relaxation and transportation. Many people use them to commute to either work or school, a convenient choice considering that you can plug your scooter in to charge while you’re in class or working. Not only are electric scooters convenient, they’re also eco-friendly, with no exhaust emissions at all. Out of all the electric scooters out there, models like the MotoTec Fat Tire 2000w are among the most popular.

The Fat Tire Advantage Fat tires were first invented to make bicycles more stable due to the improved grip and stability provided by the larger contact surface. They turned out to be perfect for biking on rough terrain, and they provide the exact same advantage on electric scooters. Unlike standard electric scooters, models with fat tires are usually used in a seated position. The MotoTec Fat Tire 2000w features a 28-inch seat.

No Shocks Needed!
The MotoTec Fat Tire 2000w features tilt adjustable handlebars, a variable twist throttle, a high-tensile steel frame, hydraulic front and rear brakes, and a 2000W Rear Hub Motor. Although it has no shocks, that’s only because it doesn’t need them – the giant air-filled tires absorb impact so efficiently that shocks would simply be redundant! That’s why you can take this scooter anywhere you want to go. The fat tires make rough terrain a breeze.

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