1/ Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority

We at Electricridesonly.com strive to offer the lowest and most competitive pricing to our customers as well as top notch, fast and efficient customer service.
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2/ 100% of our transactions are Safe and Secure

Electricridesonly.com is being constantly monitored and guarded by Trust Guard in order to insure a safe shopping environment. Trust Guard integrates firewall, IPS, VPN, anti-virus, and anti-spam security features with a unique self-defense system against DDoS attacks. It is designed for efficient and secure connectivity with internal systems through an IPSec/SSL VPN. 

3/ Warranty

All of our products are covered and protected by the manufacturer's warranty. Electricridesonly.com is an authorized dealer of all the brands we carry and distribute. 

4/ Financing available: we partner with PayTomorrow to offer our customers financing solutions if needed

PayTomorrow is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit-payment products. PayTomorrow offers instant financing for online purchases to be paid in fixed monthly installments over 3, 6, 12 or up to 36 months. Click HERE for more info.


5/ Express & insured shipping across the U.S.

Electricridesonly.com has the fastest handling and shipping time in the whole electric rides industry. Every single order that leaves our warehouses is fully inspected and covered against any inconvenience that may occur in transit. You are guaranteed to get your precious order in a perfect state and in a timely manner. See our shipping policy for further details.

6/ Family owned business born in 2018

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