Electric Rides Only Becomes Lead Distributor of All Electric Vehicles Online


A lot of things have been impacted by the pandemic, including transportation means. It has accelerated the rise and need for bicycles and electric rides where people can commute without much interaction with others. Safety now comes above all else in high consideration for the environment. For those who are looking for a one-stop-shop for all electric vehicles, Electric Rides Only would be the perfect place to shop. The company offers electric bikes, mobility scooters, power chairs, scooters, ride-on toys, boards, and unicycle wheels. Interested customers may check out their products at electricridesonly.com.


Electric Rides Only doesn’t only care for everyone’s safety and the eco-friendliness of their products but also aims to provide a cost-efficient and modernized way of transportation. Their offerings allow customers to reduce their eco-footprint without straining their wallets as they go anywhere and run errands.


“We have been involved in this life-changing technology since its inception and have decided to share their passion for this new wave by opening our own store in 2018,” said Electric Rides Only Founder Dylan Mc Kenna. They ensure select, and sell only the best electric rides in the market. "We do not carry every single brand of electric products out there, only the best ones," Dylan added.


Customers can further verify the legitimacy of the products since all of them are covered and protected by their manufacturer's warranty. The company also has fast handling and shipping time. They also offer security since every product has a tracking number. They usually use UPS or FedEx as shipping couriers but some larger items need to be shipped with LTL freight carriers. Furthermore, all transactions on their website are constantly monitored and guarded by Trust Guard to ensure a safe shopping environment which certainly makes buyers feel at ease.



Since their conception, they have been meeting the expectations of their customers and going beyond. Their amazing team is dedicated to both growing the business as well as serving the world within the Electric and Clean Rides industry at the highest capacity. More than having a stable career, teams at Electric Rides Only fulfill their passion. It really is the kind of team that brings success and satisfies customers.


They continuously build their good reputation online by carrying the best brands and products in the electric rides niche. To know more about Electric Rides Only and find the best e-vehicle out there, go to https://www.electricridesonly.com today.


About Electric Rides Only

Established in 2018, Electric Rides Only is a growing family-owned business based in Florida. Their goal is to provide a first-class experience as customers browse through their online catalog of electric vehicles and provide them with excellent customer service at all times.