Electric Rides Only is a family owned business born in 2018 in Florida.

The owners have been involved in this life changing technology since its inception and have decided to share their passion for this new wave by opening their own store in 2018. Electric Rides Only makes it a point to test, select and sell only the best electric rides in the market, we do not carry every single brand of electric products out there, only the best ones! 


Our business is now registered and located in Wyoming with a wide range of partners across the US. We use top notch shipping distribution services through UPS, FedEx, First Class Priority Mail and other premium freight services. Our goal is to provide a 1st class experience as you browse through our online catalog and provide you with an excellent customer service at all times.


Since our company's existence we've been able to develop a great reputation online by carrying the best brands and products in the electric rides niche. Additionally, we have an amazing and dedicated internal team that is extremely excited about not only growing our business but serving the world within the Electric and Clean Rides industry at the highest capacity.


If you need any assistance or details regarding products or if you need anything that you think we can help with, please feel free to write us at hello@electricridesonly.com.


The Electric Rides Only Family