Challenger X Fast Mobility Scooter

Discover why the New Generation Challenger X Fast Mobility Scooter is known as “The Sports Car of Scooters”! This fast little scooter is perfect for joy riding, capable of traveling up to 20 miles on a single charge. Its upgraded, front hub motor gives it more power than ever with less noise, making the Challenger X the perfect mobility scooter to drive around and have fun with!

Bring it Along on Your Next RV Adventure The Challenger X is the perfect mobility scooter for your next RV adventure, as it has several features that make it ideal for all kinds of tough conditions. The Challenger X can take any corner with ease due to its 24” turning radius, and hills of up to 17° present no challenge at all to its climbing abilities. The Challenger X Fast Mobility Scooter features dual front shock absorbers to handle rough terrain, and its 800-watt motor is powerful enough to give you a smooth ride in almost any conditions. It’s also been equipped with a more powerful reverse. You can take this scooter anywhere you need to go, from the shopping mall to the RV park.

Many Convenient Features The Challenger X Fast Mobility Scooter has many convenient features, including cruise control, bright LED headlights, a battery charging indicator, and a large front basket to carry your shopping in. When you need to charge your battery, it plugs into a standard wall outlet and charges in 6-8 hours. It’s also environmentally friendly, with no exhaust emissions!

Ride Standing or Sitting
The Challenger X Fast Mobility Scooter has a removable seat and an adjustable height tiller, so you can choose between sitting and standing when you ride your scooter. If you’re looking for deluxe comfort when you choose the sitting mode, then order the Challenger J750-DLX. This model features a deluxe folding seat with armrests but can still be adapted to allow for a standing ride if that’s what you’d prefer!

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