Nakto Folding OX 20” Fat Tire Electric Bike

Everybody knows that fat tire bicycles are best for handling rough terrain and harsh weather conditions, such as the kind you might run into on a camping or hiking trip. Unfortunately, those fat tires that make your bike handle so much better in challenging circumstances also make it heavier and harder to carry around. The Nakto Folding OX 20” Fat Tire Electric Bike was designed to solve this problem!

A Compact, Foldable Electric Bike The Nakto Folding OX was designed by the Nakto R&D team to weigh as little as possible and take up as little space as possible while still providing all the advantages of a fat tire bike. Thanks to its foldable design, the Nakto Folding OX can be folded up and transported in any car – even a compact model. The 20” tires are still fat enough to provide the advantages you expect, while weighing much less than the tires on other models.

Extra Power for a Reliable Ride The Nakto Folding OX comes equipped with a CZJB 500w brushless motor, selected by the Nakto design team after extensive tests to determine the most appropriate and most powerful motor for a 20” fat tire electric bike. It’s also equipped with a 48V lithium-ion battery selected to provide the endurance needed for long trips. With all the power and endurance you need, you’ll be able to really enjoy those off-road camping adventures!

Safety and Comfort
Fat tire bikes are designed to be used in challenging conditions, in which advanced safety features are of the utmost importance. The disc brake system on the Nakto Folding OX 20” Fat Tire Electric Bike is designed to handle any conditions you may run into, including challenging weather as well as rough terrain.
The headlight is designed to remain stable even on the bumpiest terrain. The front suspension fork absorbs shocks and makes it easier to climb steep slopes. Of course, the most important feature is the fat tires, which allow you to ride with only 5-10 psi in bumpy terrain – in contrast to the 60 psi of a regular road bike. This allows for the smoothest of rides even in the roughest of conditions!

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