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Solowheel Xtreme Unicycle

With 1800W of power, the Solowheel Xtreme is our most powerful model yet!


SOLOWHEEL – Your commute will never be the same!

With a 1,500 Watt motor and a rechargeable battery, the SOLOWHEEL is the smallest, greenest, most convenient "People Mover" ever invented. This gyro-stabilized electric unicycle is compact, easy to learn, and fun to ride. The SOLOWHEEL is lightweight and portable, with a built-in handle and fold-up pedals, making it easy to carry and store. With a maximum speed of 10 MPH and a range of up to 10 miles, the SOLOWHEEL is the perfect choice for errands and short commutes.

The  Solowheel Xtreme  let’s  you  take  personal transportation off-­‐road.  The rugged design  includes  an  18”  exposed  wheel and contoured  leg  pads  for comfort  and  stability.

You  can  traverse over  a  variety  of  terrains.  Lightweight, portable,  with  a built-in  handle  and foldable  foot  platforms,  makes  it  easy  to
carry  and  store  no  matter  where  you  go.




  • Gyro-stabilized
  • 1,500 Watt motor and a rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in handle and fold-up pedals
  • Maximum speed of 10 MPH
  • Range of up to 10 miles
  • 30-Day Warranty



"Inspired by the way a skater moves across the ice, I invented SOLOWHEEL using a low-to-the-ground, stable platform which allows the lower body and feet to steer and balance while riding over a variety of different surfaces."