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Nakto Folding Mini Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike

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The Nakto folding mini cruiser is equipped with a large 48V battery, 350W motor, front and rear disc brakes, and Front suspension Fork.

The 20-inch tires greatly reduce the weight, and the foldable design greatly reduces the volume and can be easily put into any car. It does not take up space. Nakto folding mini cruiser is your best choice to go out camping, fishing or hunting.


The 48V lithium-ion battery provides excellent performances and a built-in overcharge protection. This type of battery have undergone thousands of repeated discharges and safety tests.


The Nakto folding mini cruiser is equipped with a 350W brush-less motor.

Nakto's R&D team has selected the most suitable motor for fat tire electric bicycles, the CZJB 500w brushless motor. It can provide a higher speed range with better thermal performance. It is more efficient and offer more precise motion control than their brushed DC counterparts.


Nakto's disc brake have a very strict performance requirements, including stringent and delicate controllability, stability, and capability to handle various terrain and weather.


The stability of this headlight is excellent. It is perfectly adapted to the bumps caused by fat tire electric bikes when you explore different terrains, it has great lighting intensity.

Front suspension Fork

The Mini Cruiser's front fork has outstanding shock absorption characteristics, allowing you to run unimpeded in any terrain without fear of bumps. It can reduce the bumps, make climbing easier, and save more effort when riding long distances.

Shimano 6-speed Gears

Nakto choose SHIMANO 6-speed-Gears gears to allow your motor to cover a range of speeds and gradients efficiently. Choose the right gear to save your energy.

The advantage of the transmission is that it can help you effectively reduce your physical exertion in the case of poor physical strength. So it will be easier if you choose a lighter gear than when riding. So the benefits of variable speed cars are indeed too many.

The function of the bicycle speed change system is to change the speed of the bicycle by changing the cooperation of the chain and different front and rear gear plates. According to the abilities of different riders, the speed of the bicycle can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the front and rear gears, or to deal with different road sections and road conditions.


Nakto folding mini cruiser is equipped with big comfortable saddle with strong damping spring, you will never feel tired even after a long distances riding, which is essential for new fat tire electric bike riders



Nakto folding mini cruiser is equipped with a displayer, HD LCD displaying the Voltage Level Status, PAS level status, current speed, etc.

Various settings can be made through the displayer, such as setting different mode: throttle  only, PAS only (paddle assistant system), and the joint working mode of throttle and PAS.

Set zero start, non-zero start. Set PAS intensity


  • MOTOR:   350W MOTOR
  • WEIGHT:   47 lbs
  • RANGE:  25 miles with PAS
  • TIRES:  20" x 4.0" Fat Tire
  • CHARGING TIME:  4 Hours
  • DERAILLEUR:  Shimano 6-speed-gears
  • DISPLAY:  LED displayer Color Black
  • SENSOR:  Speed Sensor
  • WIRING:   Waterproof Connectors and Wiring Harness
  • BATTERY LIFE:   Up to 1000 Cycles
  • RIDER HEIGHTS:   5'3”-6’3”
  • BRAKE:   Front and rear disc brake
  • FUNCTIONS:   Pedal Assist On-THUMB Throttle
  • MAX LOADING:   250-300 lbs
  • SEAT POST:   Quick Release 13cm/5.1inch
  • FRAME:   Steel frame
  • HEIGHT/BREADTH:   39.4inch / 66.9inch


Every Nakto Electric Bike comes with a 1-YEAR limited warranty. Click here for more info.

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