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EVOLV City Electric Scooter

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EVOLV City is all you need to tackle your everyday. It’s compact and portable build is perfect for road trips and conquering your daily commute.


Its front pneumatic tire allows for maximum shock absorption and the solid rear rubber tire wraps around a powerful drum brake. The dual suspension provides optimal comfort on every ride, without the added weight.

Pack it away easily with the one-step lever for folding and unfolding. The tri-LED headlight positioned low to the ground will help light up your path, and the dual rear LED taillights flashes when you stop, keeping you safe at night. With the finger-throttle and control panel equipped with multiple riding modes, you’re now ready for a personalized ride experience!

Environmentally Friendly

Our products are alternative transportation options, designed to be efficient, eco-friendly, and effective. Our foldable electric vehicles will eliminate the need to drive, and get you where you need to be without the use of a gas consuming vehicle. Urban mobility is essential and affects our quality of life. Let’s navigate our beautiful cities, the earth-friendly way.


Product Specifications:

  • Charge Time:  6 hrs
  • Max Load:  265 lbs
  • Foldable Size: :  41 x 7.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Suspension:  Front and Rear Spring
  • Tire Size:  8.5 inch Pneumatic Front, Solid Rubber Rear
  • Tire Pressure:  50 PSI to 55 PSI

CITY Specifications:

  • Range:  16 - 22 mi.
  • Battery:   LG 36V 10.4 Ah
  • Powertrain:   350W / 720W Peak
  • Weight:  39 lbs

CITY PLUS Specifications:

  • Range:  22 - 28 mi.
  • Battery:  LG 48V 13 Ah
  • Powertrain:  500W / 1100W Peak
  • Weight:  44 lbs



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