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EV Rider Transport 4AF Folding Mobility Scooter

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New and Improved!

Meet the newest member of EV Rider’s Transport Auto Folding line up! The Transport AF 4 Wheel scooter features the portability customers have come to expect from the Transport AF line with the increased stability of its new 4 wheel design. The improved lithium battery gives the Transport AF 4 Wheel increased power and a travel range of up to 10 miles. An impressive addition to EV Rider’s great lineup of travel scooters, the Transport AF 4 Wheel is the perfect travel companion. As a true 4 wheel mobility scooter the Transport AF 4 Wheel gives you more stability and more leg room for a safe and comfortable journey. The solid tires allow your Transport AF 4 Wheel to travel easily over multiple surface types, indoor and outdoor. The bright LED headlights give you great visibility, ensuring you can see and be seen in low light situations. 


Comfort and Stability Wherever You Go

Travel with peace of mind knowing that you can bring your Transport AF 4 Wheel along on your next trip with no trouble. At a total weight of just 51 lbs the AF 4 Wheel is just as easy to transport as other AF models. Using the same auto folding technology as the AF+, the AF 4 Wheel can fold and unfold at the touch of a button. When folded, the scooter fits easily in most automobile trunks and can be stored virtually anywhere. This portable and lightweight scooter is great for air travel and cruises. Take it on your next trip and enjoy all the benefits of this lightweight and reliable scooter. 


Easy to Operate

Not just easy to travel with, the Transport AF 4 Wheel is equally easy to operate. Control your speed using the adjuster knob located on the adjustable height tiller. Turn clockwise to increase your speed or lower your speed by turning it counter-clockwise. Finger lever controls, located on either side of the tiller behind the handlebars, are used for forward and reverse. The finger lever controls can also control your speed, the deeper you press the faster you go. A tight turning radius compliments this easy to use design and makes the Transport AF 4 Wheel great for maneuvering in tight spaces.  



  • •New for 2021!
  • •Folds and unfolds at the touch of a button
  • •Easy to transport and store
  • •LED headlights
  • •Improved lithium battery
  • •Tight turning radius
  • •Available in Metallic Red, Jupiter Gold, and Sapphire Blue

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