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AfiScooter S3 3-Wheel Afikim Mobility Scooter


    Designed using the latest, most advanced technology, the Afiscooter S is an award-winning full-size scooter that's ideal for full-time outdoor use.

    With a 450 lbs weight capacity, this heavy duty mobility scooter has upgraded features, like a large padded captain's seat, lockable storage, LED lighting, and advanced steering.



    Featuring full round suspension, advanced shock absorbers, and a reinforced chassis, the Afiscooter S offers one of the smoothest rides in its class.

    Top that off with a shock-absorbing steel frame and high 5" ground clearance, and you'll feel like you're gliding on air when riding over rough terrain.



    Designed with all-day comfort in mind, the Afiscooter S features a luxurious, fully adjustable orthopedic seat that can be adjusted to your favorite positioning.

    Flip-up armrests allow for easy transfers.

    The ergonomic Delta tiller provides relief if you have limited hand strength or hand pain and can also be adjusted to your liking.



    Featuring one of the most advanced safety systems in the industry, the Afiscooter S offers bright LED lighting that includes headlights, turn signals, and battery-saving tail lights that dim when the scooter is stopped.

    The horn alerts people to your presence, and the lockable cargo compartments safely hold all your important personal items and shopping.

    A large front basket can hold your purse, wallet, keys, phone, and more.



    The Afiscooter S won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its innovative technology. With advanced steering and electronic systems, including a programmable drive controller and LCD display, it's no wonder this state-of-the-art scooter won.

    With an impressive 9.3 mph top speed, you can drive for up to 28 miles per single charge on this comfortable, award-winning scooter. Whether you're riding around town for business or pleasure, you're sure to enjoy a smooth ride.


    • Advanced electronic system that includes programmable drive controller and LCD display.

    • Ergonomically designed tiller is adjustable to meet the drivers' exact requirements.

    • Full round suspension and shock absorbers delivering levels of stability never seen before.

    • Fully adjustable orthopedic seat offer optimal comfort

    • Luxurious orthopedic seat is fully adjustable for maximum day-long comfort.

    • Heavy duty battery come as standard

    • Sealed and lockable storage compartments

    • Heavy duty battery upgrade available to increase range

    • Fully adjustable comfort seat

    • Very high ground clearance

    Fully active suspension, with true shock absorbers for added comfort

    • Highly dynamic stability and stable steering

    • Fully adjustable tiller with quick release action

    • Stunning metallic silver finish

    • Tilting tiller and fully adjustable seat to suit everyone's needs

    • Simple, convenient control system installed

    • Alloy wheels and pneumatic tires fitted as standard

    • Smooth and quiet operation

    • Powerful LED front & rear lights which dim at standstill to save battery, indicators and audible horn

    • Advanced safety system installed

    One of the most advanced and comfortable scooter on the market!