Customer Reviews

AfiScooter C4 4-Wheel Afikim Mobility Scooter


    All the bells and whistles ring together in Afikim's Afiscooter C. Designed using advanced technology, the Afiscooter C is one of our most comfortable, fastest, and longest-lasting midsize scooters.



    With the Afiscooter C's fully adjustable orthopedic captain's seat, you'll have the most comfortable seat in the house! This deluxe padded seat also swivels, making it easy to dine out with friends and family. Simply drive up to the table, and swivel your seat!



    The Afiscooter C can be used as your main transportation vehicle. With full suspension, wide pneumatic tires, shock absorbers, and a 4" ground clearance, you'll drive comfortably and smoothly on sidewalks, parking lots, and varied terrain. The 4-wheel model provides superior stability and is ideal if you use a cane or other walking aid.



    Automatic brakes enable you to stop safely in any environment, and the Afiscooter's full lighting package includes bright headlights and turn signals for added safety. Rearview mirrors allow you to see safely what's behind you without having to strain your neck, while the horn alerts others to your presence. The large front basket holds important personal items like your phone, wallet, keys, and bottled water.



    The Afiscooter C has one of the longest driving ranges in its class. Drive up to 25 miles on a single charge! An advanced full suspension system ensures a smooth ride everywhere you go, and with top speeds of 9.3 mph, you'll get where you're going in no time. Whether you're enjoying a long stroll around your neighborhood or running errands, the Afiscooter will get you there safely, comfortably, and smoothly.


    • 330 lbs weight capacity

    • Ergonomic wraparound Delta tiller

    • User-friendly control panel

    • Full suspension and shock absorbers in front and rear bumpers ensure a comfortable and smooth ride

    • Fully adjustable orthopedic seat swivels 360° for optimal comfort

    • Easy to drive and simple to maintain

    • Large seatback pocket provides extra storage

    • Adjustable tiller for individual positioning

    • Highly reliable in all driving conditions