Every Pride & Jazzy Mobility scooters includes a

1-YEAR IN HOME SERVICE complimentary limited warranty

or a

2-YEAR IN HOME SERVICE upgrade limited warranty.


- Frame: One/Two-year limited warranty

- Controllers: One/Two-year limited warranty

- Electronic Components and Charger: One/Two-year limited warranty

- Warranty Exclusion.

The following items are not covered by warranty. 

- Motor brushes 

- Wheel Tires 

- Arm Pads

- Seat Cushion

- Fuses / Bulbs

- Tiller Cover

- Rear Shroud

- Front Shroud

- Batteries and Consumable parts

Any damage or defect of any nature occurring from the misuse, abuse of the product, improper operation or improper storage is not to be covered. The warranty is to start from the date of arrival of our products. Note: If you encounter a damaged or cracked battery; please enclose it in a plastic bag and call the local authorized dealers immediately for instructions on disposal and recycling.