The Buzzaround XLS HD 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Are you looking for a comfortable travel scooter you can easily disassemble and reassemble for errands, visits to the museum, shopping, and whatever else you need to do in your daily life? The Buzzaround XLS HD 3 Wheel Golden Technologies Travel Mobility Scooter is an excellent choice.

Comfortable Comfort is essential in any mobility scooter. No one wants a seat that makes you ache or feel stiff! That won’t be an issue with the Buzzaround XLS HD, which features a plush and padded seat that can be adjusted to your height. In fact, this model is especially good for our taller customers, as it offers more legroom than other comparable models. The Comfort Spring System gives this mobility scooter a smoother ride, and the 3” ground clearance and 8” tires also make it comfortable to use outdoors.

Maneuverable Despite its extra legroom, the Buzzaround XLS HD is also designed to be maneuverable. It has a turning radius of only 37”, so you should be able to make sharp turns with ease whether indoors or out. Narrow corridors should also present no problem for this model.

Portable The Buzzaround XLS HD can be disassembled with ease, and after disassembly the heaviest piece weighs just 35 lbs. That means you can take it apart and put the pieces in the trunk of your car or SUV, then reassembly it just as easily when you get to your destination. This convenient and portable design is one of the most attractive features of the Buzzaround XLS HD. It gives you genuine mobility for any of your daily activities, whether you’re having dinner with your friends or getting your errands taken care of.

Convenient The Buzzaround XLS HD has a number of convenient features, including an LED battery gauge to let you know when you need to charge up, and an adjustable ultra-bright LED headlight standard.
If you decide to pick up a Buzzaround XLS HD mobility scooter of your own, financing is available from affirm and shipping is free, fast, and insured.

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