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Gatsby Vintage Mobility Scooter


  • Modeled after the most popular car of the roaring 20's, the Gatsby X is a luxurious heavy duty mobility scooter with a long 31 mile range that will get you where you're going in true style.

    Like the Ford Model T, the Gatsby X features a sleek decorative grille on the front with ultra bright headlights and a custom 1920's style Gatsby hood ornament.

    It's a vintage classic with a modern twist.



    Driving at night is a breeze with the Gatsby X.

    Luminous front headlights light the way ahead, while vibrant taillights illuminate the path behind you.

    Let the world know you're making a turn with front and rear turn signals.

    This feature-rich electric scooter is even equipped with hazard lights for added safety.

    Reflectors are perfectly positioned all over the scooter so you can be seen at any time of day or night.



    The Gatsby's leather high-back captain's seat features adjustable, flip-up armrests and a unique swivel feature for easy transfers.

    The 180° swivel seat can be locked at 45° intervals and adjusted forward or back.

    Recline back with the semi-reclining seat, or fold it forward.

    The adjustable headrest allows you to get comfortable your way.



    The front grille does more than look pretty. It's functional too.

    Your valuables and personal items will fit perfectly inside the front "trunk" of the Gatsby X.

    This lockable storage has its own key and prevents theft.

    Easily store your shopping, purse, wallet, keys, phone, and more!



    The ergonomic Delta tiller makes it easy to drive with one hand at a time, which is ideal if you suffer from hand pain, arthritis, or limited hand dexterity.

    Simply pull or push the lever with one hand to move forward or back.

    Monitor your battery life and speed with the backlit battery gauge and speedometer.

    The hazard lights, turn signals, and headlights can all be easily controlled from the dashboard.



    Drive comfortably outdoors with the Gatsby's large 14" pneumatic tires and 4" ground clearance.

    Independent suspension and a powerful 950 watt motor offer a smooth ride every time.

    A silver chrome bumper adds safety to both the front and back of this beautiful scooter.

    With the universal accessory hitch on the back of this stylish mobility scooter, you can add scooter accessories, like one of our spacious rear baskets.

    Anti-tip wheels offer extra stability.



    The Gatsby X is dripping with elegant features, like the leather captain's seat and beautiful lighting system.

    But there's more!

    The vintage-style horn is loud and adds panache at the same time.

    Rear-view mirrors allow you to see what's behind you for safe driving.

    The tiller has a built-in cup holder for added convenience.

    Keep your phone charged with the Gatsby's USB charging port! Perfect for those all-day outings.



    Featuring a long 31 mile driving range, 440 lbs weight capacity, and 10 mph top speed, the powerful Gatsby X was built to last all day and night.

    This sleek design takes heavy duty mobility scooters to a whole new level of style.

    All the bells and whistles come standard with this GREAT scooter.

    If you are looking for a mobility scooter with style and pizazz, you've found it in the Gatsby X Vintage Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter!