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Boomerbuggy X Fully Enclosed DAYMAK Mobility Scooter

This fully enclosed mobility scooter is more spacious and has some cool features! Travel to get your groceries, to your neighbour’s or take it just for a leisurely joy ride without fear of the weather.


The Boomer X Deluxe features both heating and air conditioning. Ready for both the cold winter months and the hot summer nights the Boomerbuggy X will get your there comfortably. . Regain your mobility, independence, and sense of freedom with the Boomebuggy X Deluxe the next generation of covered mobility scooters!


The Boomerbuggy X comes with a built in heating mechanism and AC, so even on the coldest days you can stay warm, or cool off on summer afternoons.. Adjust the level of heating or cooling to make sure that it is just the right temperature and stay comfortable on your ride.


Whether you are just checking up on the news or listening to your favourite radio station, enjoy your trip with the Boomerbuggy X’s built in speaker system. Listen to your music in stereo surround sound and make even the little trips a fun one.


The Boomerbuggy X can come to stop as soon as needed with its hydraulic disc brakes. Ensure that you ride safely to and from wherever you need to go, and worry about the things you need to; like what to cook for dinner tomorrow!


  • Weight Capacity:375 lbs
  • Maximum Speed:9.3 mph
  • Operating Range:up to 32 miles
  • Batteries:60V 45Ah SLA
  • Colors:Red, Black, Blue, White
  • Brakes:Disc Brakes
  • Charger:LAB/ Time 6 - 8 Hours
  • Weight:612 lbs
  • Tires:350/10 Tubeless
  • Climbing Incline:12 Degrees
  • Gauges:Battery, Odometer, Lights
  • Lights:LED Headlights, Rear Lights, Turn Signals
  • Key Ignition:Yes
  • Extras:Fan, Heater, AC, Back Up Camera